Do the work you love.
Leave the books to us.

Your time is better spent working with clients, not bookkeeping.

We specialize in helping Financial Advisors grow an awesome business with the assurance that someone’s got their back.


A little bit about us...

XY Bean Counters is a bookkeeping service that works solely with financial advisors. We understand the ins and outs of the bookkeeping side of a financial advisory practice.

We were founded by a group of independent financial advisors and accountants so we know, first hand, how critical it is to have accurate financials to run a successful advisory practice.

We understand that growing an advisory business involves time prospecting and keeping existing clients happy. Whenever you aren't meeting with current or prospective clients, it's time NOT well spent.

XY Bean Counters was created to take a very important, non-revenue generating activity off an owner's plate, allowing the owner to focus on what they do best: working with clients.

Interested in joining the Bean Team?

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